Classes that deal with transporter mutation articles in the trac application.


Class Summary
AnnotationStatus Class AnnotationStatus.
Article transporter mutation article
ArticleSet Class ArticleSet.
Binding Class Binding.
BindingInhibition Class BindingInhibition.
BindingIonDependence Class BindingIonDependence.
BindingSite Class BindingSite.
BindingSiteInferenceNote Class BindingSiteInferenceNote.
Bmax Class Bmax.
Construct Class Construct.
ConstructId Class ConstructId.
CreatedBy Class CreatedBy.
EffectType Class EffectType.
Expression Class Expression.
History Class History.
Id identifies a construct, which can be both a background and a mutant
IdType Class IdType.
InferenceNoteType Class InferenceNoteType.
InhibitionType Class InhibitionType.
InterInferenceNote Class InterInferenceNote.
IntermolecularInteraction include both dimerization and protein-protein interactions
IntraInferenceNote Class IntraInferenceNote.
IntramolecularInteraction may be combined with intermolecularInteraction, but we can validate the entered residue information is correct--it will be very difficult for other proteins.
IonDependenceType Class IonDependenceType.
IsBackground is a background construct for this article, if it is also a mutant, then do not enter the SwissProtId information.
IsMutant is a mutant construct for this article
Kd Class Kd.
Ki Class Ki.
Kinetics Class Kinetics.
Km Class Km.
LastmodifiedBy Class LastmodifiedBy.
Ligand Class Ligand.
Mutation Class Mutation.
Note Notes regarding articles
Pharmacology Class Pharmacology.
Phenotype Class Phenotype.
Protection Class Protection.
Reactivity Class Reactivity.
RecordType Class RecordType.
Saturation Class Saturation.
SCAMReagent Class SCAMReagent.
StructuralInference Class StructuralInference.
Substrate Class Substrate.
Transport Class Transport.
TransportInhibition Class TransportInhibition.
Uptake Class Uptake.
UptakeIonDependence Class UptakeIonDependence.
Vmax Class Vmax.

Package Description

Classes that deal with transporter mutation articles in the trac application. Classes in this package are automatically generated from an XML Schema using the Castor XML Source Generator. Additionally, these classes are capable of being persistent using Java Data Objects (JDO).


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