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Interface ValueCopier

All Known Implementing Classes:
ArrayTable.ColumnDescription.booleanCopier, ArrayTable.ColumnDescription.charCopier, ArrayTable.ColumnDescription.doubleCopier, ArrayTable.ColumnDescription.floatCopier, ArrayTable.ColumnDescription.intCopier, ArrayTable.ColumnDescription.objectCopier

public interface ValueCopier

Copy primitive types or objects contained in an array in a generic way. This interface can be implemented for each primitive type and for the object type. It is equivalent to dest_array[dest_index]=source_array[source_index]

Method Summary
 void copy(Object sourceArray, int sourceIndex, Object destArray, int destIndex)
          Copy the value from the source position to the destination position.

Method Detail


void copy(Object sourceArray,
          int sourceIndex,
          Object destArray,
          int destIndex)
Copy the value from the source position to the destination position.

sourceArray - the source array
sourceIndex - the index into the source array to copy from
destArray - the destination array
destIndex - the index into the destination array to copy to

TissueInfo API 20130530171129

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