Textractor API textractor-738 (20110316124242)

Package textractor.sentence

Interface Summary
SentenceConsumer A sentence consumer processes Sentences along with their associated Article.
SentenceProcessor Implementations of this class perform operations on Sentences and their respective Articles.
SentenceProducer A sentence producer creates a Sentence based on a sequence of text and an associated Article.
SentenceTransformer An SentenceProcessor that modifies an ArticleSentencesPair based on some criteria.
TransactionalSentenceProcessor A SentenceProcessor that processes sentences within begin/end blocks.

Class Summary
AbstractSentenceProcessor Convenience base class for SentenceProcessor implementations.

Exception Summary
SentenceProcessingException Indicates a condition in the textractor sentence processing pipeline that a reasonable application might want to catch.

Textractor API textractor-738 (20110316124242)

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