Textractor API textractor-738 (20110316124242)

Package textractor.database

Core Database Managers.


Interface Summary
JdoExtension Common JDO functions that may have vendor specific requirements or optimizations.
TransactionManager Interface that defines base database transaction processes.

Class Summary
DbManager Central point for database access in the system.
DocumentIndexManager The manager provides access to the inverted index files created by MG4J for a specific document collection.
DocumentTermPositions In parallel to TermDocumentPositions, indexed by document

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IndexDetails Describe class here.
JDOArticleProducer An ArticleProducer that produces persistent articles.
PropertyManager Global Property Manager.
PureJdoExtension Common JDO functions implemented with no vendor specific requirements or enhancements.
TermDocumentPositions In parallel to DocumentTermPositions, indexed by term stores positions of terms.
TextractorDatabaseConstants Contains constants related to database items for Textractor systemwide use.
TextractorDBDocumentIterator An iterator over documents in the database.
TextractorDBDocumentSequence A document sequence that reads documents from the database.
TextractorManager TextractorManager provides methods to query the textractor database.

Exception Summary
TextractorDatabaseException TextractorDatabaseException contains an Exception.

Package textractor.database Description

Core Database Managers. All access to the database goes through this package. The DbManager is responsible for hiding database specific issues from the client code. This makes client code easier to read, and much more maintainable.

Textractor API textractor-738 (20110316124242)

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