Package org.sigpath.form

Web Form Beans for submitting user data.


Class Summary
Login Form bean for Login Data.
NextPrevious Form bean for Specifying a Molecule Search.
SelectInteractionType Form bean for Selecting an Interaction Type.
SelectMolecule Form bean for Selecting a Molecule.
SpecifyAffiliation Form bean for Specifying Binding Parameters.
SpecifyConcentration Form bean for Specifying a concentration.
SpecifyDBStatus Form bean for specifying the Database Status.
SpecifyExternalReference Form Bean for Specifying an External Reference.
SpecifyModel Form bean for Specifying Model.
SpecifyModelImage Form bean for Specifying Model Image options
SpecifyModelSearch Form bean for Specifying a Model Search.
SpecifyMoleculeSearch Form bean for Specifying a Molecule Search.
SpecifyPagedResults Specify Paged Results.
SpecifyPendingReview User Form for Specifying a Pending Review.
SpecifyReactionParameters Form bean for Specifying Reaction Parameters.
SpecifyReactionSearch User form for specifying reaction search parameters.
SpecifySigPathEntity Form bean for Selecting a SigPathEntity.
SpecifyUserData Form bean for Specifying User Data.
SpecifyXMLFile Form bean for Specifying an XML file.
UpdateAffiliation Form bean for Updating Affiliation information.
UpdateUserData Form bean for Updating User Data.

Package org.sigpath.form Description

Web Form Beans for submitting user data. Web Forms are simple Java Beans that encapsulate form data submitted by a user via an HTTP submission. The great thing about web forms is that they also encapsulate all error handling for form submissions. For example, a form can specify that certain fields are required, or perform a validation on specific fields, such as a date field, or an email field. All data validation occurs within the validate() method.

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