Package org.sigpath.bioimport.sbml

Classes used to SBML.


Class Summary
_parameter Class _parameter.
AlgebraicRule Class AlgebraicRule.
Annotation Class Annotation.
AssignmentRule Class AssignmentRule.
Compartment Class Compartment.
Delay Class Delay.
Event Class Event.
EventAssignment Class EventAssignment.
FunctionDefinition Class FunctionDefinition.
KineticLaw Class KineticLaw.
ListOfCompartments Class ListOfCompartments.
ListOfEventAssignments Class ListOfEventAssignments.
ListOfEvents Class ListOfEvents.
ListOfFunctionDefinitions Class ListOfFunctionDefinitions.
ListOfModifiers Class ListOfModifiers.
ListOfModifierSpeciesReferences Class ListOfModifierSpeciesReferences.
ListOfParameters Class ListOfParameters.
ListOfProducts Class ListOfProducts.
ListOfReactants Class ListOfReactants.
ListOfReactions Class ListOfReactions.
ListOfRules Class ListOfRules.
ListOfRulesItem Class ListOfRulesItem.
ListOfSpecies Class ListOfSpecies.
ListOfSpeciesReferences Class ListOfSpeciesReferences.
ListOfUnitDefinitions Class ListOfUnitDefinitions.
ListOfUnits Class ListOfUnits.
MathField Class MathField.
Model Class Model.
ModifierSpeciesReference Class ModifierSpeciesReference.
Notes Class Notes.
Parameter Class Parameter.
RateRule Class RateRule.
Reaction Class Reaction.
Rule Class Rule.
SBase The SBase type is the base type of all main components in SBML.
Sbml Class Sbml.
SimpleSpeciesReference Class SimpleSpeciesReference.
Species Class Species.
SpeciesReference Class SpeciesReference.
StoichiometryMath Class StoichiometryMath.
Trigger Class Trigger.
Unit Class Unit.
UnitDefinition Class UnitDefinition.

Package org.sigpath.bioimport.sbml Description

Classes used to SBML. This package contains classes that are automatically generated by Castor from from the GeneWays XML Schema. These classes used to parse SBML.


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