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Interface LoopTemplateSelector

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public interface LoopTemplateSelector
extends Serializable

Encapsulates the algorithms of LoopTemplate constructions or the collection of predefined templates. Gives a uniform interface to get a template that match some criteria.

Method Summary
 LoopTemplate getTemplate(Point2D spacer, Point2D entryDirection, Point2D exitDirection)
          Returns the template that best match the parameters given as arguments.

Method Detail


LoopTemplate getTemplate(Point2D spacer,
                         Point2D entryDirection,
                         Point2D exitDirection)
Returns the template that best match the parameters given as arguments. The returned template was transformed to match exactly the spacer. entryDirection and exitDirection are not guaranteed, though everything is done to ensure that they are close from the requested values.

spacer - the spacer to use for the template
entryDirection - the direction of the entry point of the template
exitDirection - the direction of the exit point of the template
A loop template

RbDe rbde-349 (20120127151154)

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