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Interface Clusterer

All Known Implementing Classes:
MCLClusterer, QTClusterer

public interface Clusterer

Common interface definition for clustering algorithms. Clustering is the classification of objects into different groups, or more precisely, the partitioning of a data set into subsets (clusters), so that the data in each subset (ideally) share some common trait - often proximity according to some defined distance measure.

Method Summary
 List<int[]> cluster(SimilarityDistanceCalculator calculator, double qualityThreshold)
          Groups instances into clusters.
 List<int[]> getClusters()
          Returns the list of clusters produced by clustering.

Method Detail


List<int[]> cluster(SimilarityDistanceCalculator calculator,
                    double qualityThreshold)
Groups instances into clusters. Returns the indices of the instances that belong to a cluster as an int array in the list result.

calculator - The SimilarityDistanceCalculator that should be used when clustering
qualityThreshold - The QT clustering algorithm quality threshold (d)
The list of clusters.


List<int[]> getClusters()
Returns the list of clusters produced by clustering.

A list of integer arrays, where each array represents a cluster and contains the index of the instance that belongs to a given cluster.

QtClustering API qtclustering-163 (20111029234107)

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