Package edu.mssm.crover.tables.readers

Provides table readers.


Interface Summary
TableReader Interface to read table data from different file formats.

Class Summary
DSSPTableReader Reads a DSSP (W.
LocusLinkTableReader Reads LocusLink LL.out ascii table format.
MinesetTableReader Reads SGI's MineSet ascii table format.
TabTokenizer Splits strings in tab-separated tokens.
TIWebMinesetReader Reads SGI's MineSet ascii table format.

Exception Summary
SyntaxErrorException Thrown when a syntax error is encountered while reading the schema or data file of a table representation.
UnsupportedFormatException Thrown when the format of the schema or data cannot be recognized by the reader.

Package edu.mssm.crover.tables.readers Description

Provides table readers. Readers read tabular data represented in a given file format and produce an instance of table.

Package Specification

See the sub-packages for a list of available tools.

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