Package edu.mssm.crover.mutations.drivers

Provides a framework for interfacing with mutation servers.


Interface Summary
MutationDriver Provides access to mutations in a given mutation database.
MutationDriverFactory Factory that creates mutation drivers.

Class Summary
DriverInformation Provides information about a driver that are potentially of interest to an end-user.
Mutant A mutant contains several mutations done simultaneously.
MutationDriverCache MutationDriver cache.
MutationDriverFactoryImpl Default implementation of MutationDriverFactory.
MutationType Type of the mutation.

Exception Summary
ProtocolError A connection to the mutation server resulted in the detection of a protocol error.
SourceNotAvailable The source of mutation that this driver connects to is not available.
UnsupportedOrigin The specified origin is not supported by this driver.

Package edu.mssm.crover.mutations.drivers Description

Provides a framework for interfacing with mutation servers. The drivers package provides the classes and interfaces that the implementations of the actual drivers can share.

Package Specification

For each mutation server supported by crover, a driver is required. The driver defines a common interface to all the mutation servers and handles the specifics of the interaction with a particular server.

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