Package edu.mssm.crover.domain2d.rbdg.layout.xml

Class Summary
ControlPoints Use only when subunit type is FreeLoop, Nterm or Cterm.
ControlPointsDescriptor Class ControlPointsDescriptor.
Cpoint A control point.
CpointDescriptor Class CpointDescriptor.
DiagramLayout Describes the graphical arrangement of secondary structure units on the 2D page.
DiagramLayoutDescriptor Class DiagramLayoutDescriptor.
Direction Direction is a vector(x,y) which indicates the orientation of a subunit (helix or loop) within the plane.
DirectionDescriptor Class DirectionDescriptor.
Spacer The separation between the first residue of the subunit and the last, on the page.
SpacerDescriptor Class SpacerDescriptor.
Subunit Each subunit is located on the page according to the location and spacer of the subunit that preceeds it.
SubunitDescriptor Class SubunitDescriptor.
TmBundle Use the bundle to layout integral membrane proteins.
TmBundleDescriptor Class TmBundleDescriptor.

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