Please find below the Clustalnet distribution. This prototype implementation has been built in order to define a set of CORBA interfaces for performing multiple protein sequence alignments. Please read the research paper preprint for more details.
Legal notice

When downloading either one of the following distributions, you should be aware of the following.

A.  The description of the interfaces appeared in

Clustalnet: the joining of Clustal and CORBA, F. Campagne, Bioinformatics, 2000, Jul;16(7):606-12. [PubMed]
Should you implement these interfaces as is again, or derive new interfaces inspired by this design, please acknowledge the  original design (you can do this by referencing the article in a document that you make available to end-users of you software/design).

B. The prototype implementation  (distributed below as "Source distribution" or "Executable distribution") is a software and as such is protected by Copyright laws. The copyright owners grant you permission to use the prototype implementation, at no cost, for non commercial purposes (academic research, not in relation with industry).  Please inquire for conditions related to commercial use.
Source distribution

Gives the sources necessary to build the prototype discussed in the research paper.This distribution contains executable files compiled for Solaris intel and the clustalnet jar file. [download]
Executable distributions
Contain only the executables, as compiled from the source distribution.

IRIX 6 [download] (clustalw -corbaserver, client, Client.class)

Java2 [download] (clustalnet.jar)

Most of the documentation can be found as comments in the IDL and source of the prototype. To get started, please read this brief documentation.

For more information, please contact Fabien Campagne